Presidents - past and present
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President Betty "Boo" Thornton

Willie "Kountry" Lawler
Founding Member BTMC

1999 - 2001

Betty "Boo" Thornton

2009 - Present
WILLIE LAWLER is my name, but you can call me Kountry.
her newly elected office she relinquished her VP position 1n 2008 when appointed President when her predecessor was elevated to President of the NABSTMC.

After serving out the term of her former president, President Thornton took control of her new office with both feet in motion. She worked tirelessly towards the same goals as her predecessor Kenneth “DreamMaker” Thomas, while at the same time instituting her own agenda. Their combined visions resulted in the club ascending to new heights. Betty's personal achievements included: acquisition of the chapter’s corporate office; awarding of our 501 (c) (3) status; posting of our new web site; and the establishment of our scholarship program. Due diligence resulted in her being elected for a second term as our club’s president beginning in 2012.

Betty’s path to BTMC 1st Member status began in 1999 when she joined ranks with the then fledging and yet unknown Buffalo Troopers MC. Through the years additional services rendered by Betty include: Travel Coordinator and Great Lakes Frontier Election Committee Representative. She was also instrumental in the formation of the NABSTMC. We're all looking forward to another great term.
Kenneth "Dream-Maker" Thomas

1993 - 1999 / 2001 - 2008
Betty Thornton was elected President of the BuffaloTroopers Motorcycle Club, Chicago Chapter in 2009. Prior to occupying
Ken "Dream Maker" Thomas is the name, and I am President and founder of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Clubs. Although a recent retiree of the Chicago Police Department I choose and continue to work as a Security Representative for the NBA's Chicago Office.

A founding member of the 1993 Chicago's Buffalo Troopers MC, I rose to the challenge of 3 competitors to be elected it's first president. By 1996 a deluge of request and inquiries regarding the process to establish Buffalo Soldiers MC chapters throughout the country and Canada resulted in the establishment of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Clubs. Not all were granted admission. It was then that I relinquished my office as President of the Chicago Buffalo Troopers MC chapter to Willie Lawler.

I was elected to a second term as Chicago's BTMC President when officers of the NABSTMC envisioned change. In 2008 change was once again envisioned and I was again elected National President. At that time I surrendered the remainder of my tenure to the club's current President, Betty Thornton.

My love of riding the nations highways has allowed me to fellowship with others I meet and who share the same passion. Closing the distance between us is made possible when mounting my iron stead, a 2006 Harley Davidson Road Glide.

As President of the National Association it is my responsibility to dissiminate and keep alive the history of former slaves who joined the ranks of the Union Army and were honorably named Buffalo Soldiers by their fearsome counterparts, the Native American worrier.

Although unable to equal their accomplishments we the Buffalo Soldiers and Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Clubs are proud to be stewards of their history and carriers of their historical name. GraveHunter always tells us that, "we live as long as we are remembered. When we are forgotten we cease to exist."