Chicago’s origin began on the banks of what today is known as the Chicago River. Sometime during the 1770s Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable the son of a slave woman, and French sea captain established a trading post that served local as well as non-local patrons, some as far away as Detroit and Canada. As the population around the post grew it assumed the name the local Potawatomi Indians had given the area "the place of bad smells". Eschecagou or Eschikagou was mispronounced Chicago by visitors. The stench in the air was contributed to large fields of decaying wild onions and marshlands.

Through the years Chicago has been referred to by many names most notably as the "Windy City". There are three main possibilities to explain the cities nickname. The combination of blowing winds off of Lake Michigan picked up speed as it blows through downtown skyscrapers creating a wind tunnel affect that is hard to stand up against. Between 1860 and 1870 Cincinnati and Chicago were rival cities in the meat packing industry and the sport of baseball. In 1876 the Cincinnati Enquirer used the term, “Windy City” in regards to meaning full of bluster in Chicago. 

There are also those who believe the name windy city came from the political style in Chicago, which was once regarded as a “spectator sport.” The term windy city is thought by some to be a jab at the cities politicians who “blew a lot of hot wind.

What was once only a vision in the mind of an avid motorcycle rider became reality in 1993 when he put his entrepreneurial savvy to work co-founding the nation’s first Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. Adopting this historic name as their own, it was taken from the ranks of the late 19th century Union Army’s all black units, known as Buffalo Soldiers. Representative of their positive image, honor and respect bestowed upon them by a fearsome fighter, the Native-American. The substance of these legendary people resulted in a Native-American name that captured the statue, zeal, essence and strength of those who had the uttermost respect for them. This recognition is again captured in the colors of the Buffalo Troopers MC, in our endeavor to “Bridge the Past with the Future”.

Realizing his dream come true, Kenneth Thomas fittingly assumed the name, “Dream-Maker”. Unfortunately the marriage between himself and the club was short lived due to irreconcilable differences. Refusing to allow his dream to succumb to uncontrollable forces, after the rights to the Chicago based Buffalo Soldier MC name was lost in litigation, Dream-Maker founded the Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club of Chicago in 1994. Its existence and selection of the clubs name was based on the membership recognizing the heroic deeds and sacrifices of the men and women of the Union Army's Colored Troops, a.k.a. the Buffalo Soldiers.

Moral principles exhibited by the members of the Chicago Buffalo Troopers MC apparently impressed and inspired others to establish sister chapters of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Clubs nationally and internationally. With an ever growing presence, chapters of the Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers MC grew from a humble beginning to a point that necessitated the formation of a National Association. Hence, the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Clubs were founded in 1999. 

The make-up of the Buffalo Trooper MC is primarily comprised of current and retired law enforcement and military personnel. Of these two groups, individuals having served in both capacities have been afforded the opportunity to observe from a greater perspective the complete lack of respect, discipline, and concern for others from our youth.

We're elated that in this the 20th anniversary year of our founding, that so many dedicated and passionate individuals have been inspired to establish sister chapters throughout the United States, and Canada. As “The First of Many” we hope you find the contents herein interesting, and informative as you peruse the pages of the Chicago Buffalo Troopers MC web site.

Enjoy your ride.

  VP - Kenneth Stewart
          a.k.a. Sherlock
                                                     The First of Many
                                                                    Chicago, Illinois

              ​From The Vice President

Hello, I'm Kenneth "Sherlock" Stewart and I'm the VP of the Buffalo Troopers MC of Chicago, IL. Welcome to our new look web site. First I would like to give you a little history about Chicago. The observation of a 
​people native to North America learned to respect and revere the dark skin people they encountered. Recognizing them to be jovial characters during leisure​ times they also realized that when engaged in combat they were fearsome fighters.