Bearing witness to some but not all contributions made to society by a race of people who arrived on the shores of the New World not as immigrants, but as captives, the Native Americans will to name the dark skin man resulted in their honorably labeling him; the Buffalo Soldier. It is because of their bravery, resiliency, and will to be recognized as men and women, that we now give credence to their struggle and once unrecognized histories. It is because of them that we, their descendants pay homage not only to the Buffalo Soldiers but to those who paved the way for us to experience the unalienable right that others arriving in this country received without opposition once reaching its shores. If researched, any of us could undoubtedly trace our blood-line to individuals of the Colored Troops identifying them as an ancestor.

We therefore, dedicate our web-site to the everlasting memory of those civil war era warriors who fought for much more than just the cause of the United States but for that which they were promised with the passage of the 14th amendment. Their desire to collect on this promise strengthened their resolve resulting in their forging ahead to prove themselves worthy.

Since the arrival of African captives in America, historical information regarding their past has been either omitted or that which is known, not taught in our schools. However, other Americans have the ability to research information regarding their lineage dating back to the fourteenth century. Until the establishment of the Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers MC and other groups that bear the Buffalo Soldier name, a number of their new members were not aware of their ancestor's Buffalo Soldier history. Several Buffalo Soldiers organizations have resurrected the image of the Buffalo Soldiers and therefore taken on the responsibility of never again allowing them to vanish from our memory.

You are hereby invited to enter the territory of the Buffalo Soldiers, a territory that encompasses a range spanning five frontiers. These frontiers are a product of a single club which resulted in the establishment of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Clubs. The NABSTMC currently has a foot print that covers 66% of the States of the Union, including Hawaii. We, the Chicago BTMC are proud to be, The First of Many.

Visit the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Clubs by clicking on the NABSTMC link.

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We live as long as we are remembered   .   .   .
                                    when we are forgotten we cease to exist

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                                                     The First of Many
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Hello, I'm Kenneth "DreamMaker" Thomas and as President of the Buffalo Troopers MC of Chicago, IL I welcome you to our web site which was created in recognition, and in honor of former slave who as loyal Union Army soldiers, at a time of need, again provided an essential service to their country. Military terms, places, and events are used throughout our site in an effort to give the feeling of one living during the same era in which our ancestors fought to prove themselves worthy of their God-Given-Rights.

The observation of a people native to North America learned to respect and revere the dark skin people they encountered. Recognizing them to be jovial characters during leisure​ times they also realized that when engaged in combat they were fearsome fighters.